A light has gone out…RIP Robin Williams

An amazing actor and comedian has died too soon.

Hearing it was probably suicide and he was battling severe depression really got me pondering…

How many of us are struggling and just wanting to die?

How many feel the burden of life is just too much?

Some people who spread the most happiness are deeply unhappy themselves…to the point that ending their life becomes the only solution to the tormented mind.

Depression is such a heavy burden.

And I think it’s so common.


I can very much relate to the deep longing to just die and end the pain.

I’ve never come to the point where it made sense logically, thankfully…it was always a battle between the logical mind knowing that life is amazing and I’m really so blessed, but at the same time feeling completely stuck, tormented, and full of pain…seeing no way to bridge the gap.

My heart aches for everyone trapped in that despair-filled void right now.

And you know what? We don’t always know who might be sitting right next to us suffering internally.

Wishing to die.

Maybe they’re quiet…maybe they seem like everything is normal.

But the mind can be going crazy inside…telling all sorts of lies.

Like “it’s all just too much.”

Like “I’ll never be good enough.”

Like “I can’t possibly do everything I need to do and the only option I see for escape is death.”


I bet these feelings are more common than you think.

Chances are quite likely you’ve also had similar thoughts.

Chances are you probably think that ‘Mr. Truly Amazing Life’ never has thoughts like that.

But I feel the same things as everyone else.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed by pressure of providing for my family and keeping up with all the commitments I’ve made…and combine that with health pressures, eating healthy, feeling fatigue and not knowing exactly why, etc…

…the thoughts of wanting to escape somehow most certainly cross my mind.

And death sometimes comes up as an option…but it’s immediately shot down because it solves nothing and makes everything worse in fact.

And I don’t think I’m all that different from you or anyone else.

My guess is everyone faces despairing thoughts and challenges sometimes.


My question is how can we help each other more?

How can we be more sensitive?

How can we be a source of light and love to those around us in the darkness?

For me…I know how amazing it is to simply be held in the arms of my amazing wife when I’m feeling burdened by heaviness.

It’s amazing how much comfort that simple caring act gives me…no words necessary, just a loving embrace.

So what can we do today, to love those that may be suffering even though we can never know for sure?

How about giving a few extra long hugs today?

How about reaching out to one friend today and just saying hi…whoever first pops in your mind?

You never know how much good those simple acts of love can do to turn the light back on in someone’s life.


I love you.

I’m glad you are here. I hope you know today that you are loved and cared for.

Consider this a ‘virtual hug’ 😉

Go turn the light on in someone’s day today, and make today amazing!




Aaron Kennard

Chief Life Lover, Truly Amazing Life Inc.

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