A heart attack, a pacemaker, and the power of positive thinking.

I just heard an amazing story from TAL Family Member Anthony that has to be shared…so awesome:



I wanted to thank you for your emails and your program. I came upon your book a couple of months ago as I was doing research on positive psychology.

I was turned on to the positive psychology movement indirectly by my Cardiologist who had recommended the audio book on worry by Dale Carnegie.

I was at the time a couple of months removed from surgery to insert a pacemaker.

I am 38 years old, and spent most of the first part of the year on medical leave from work because of what I thought were panic attacks.

On April Fool’s Day I was at an outpatient facility receiving treatment for my anxiety when I had a panic attack, but the affects of it seemed to be lasting longer than normal.

The nurse checked my vitals and was alarmed to find my heart rate in the low 20s. She recommended going to the emergency room and though I resisted, I did finally have my wife take me later that day.

Within minutes of arriving they called a code heart and I was in a room with 15 or more hospital staff members attending me while my wife cried in the corner.

A week later after 2 surgeries I was released with a pacemaker and thought I was well on the way to a full recovery.

By the end of June however, I was still unable to work and had been back and forth to the hospital without them being able to find any reason why I was still having attacks of shortness of breath and chest pain.

That’s when my Dr. turned me on to Dale Carnegie.

He told me that the next step would be to do an invasive procedure to study my hearts electrical patterns.

He said there was no guarantee it would work, and would require a long recovery.

He talked me into putting it off for a couple months and that he wanted me to go back to work.

I honestly thought he was crazy and knew that he was just setting me up for failure.

It was a Tuesday and I was to go back to work the following Monday. I humored him and listened to the book the following day and then again with a notebook the day after.

I felt like a changed man and proceeded to listen to and read everything I could get my hands on, related to the power of the mind. This included your book and subsequently your emails.

I am so grateful to hear from you each morning.

Your emails are the first part of my morning routine and have helped transform my life.

They are my way of reminding myself that my life is a blessing as it is!

My daily gratitude writing always serves to put me back on track when I have had a challenging day. It is so true that everyday is a great day!

I went back to work and have attacked it with more energy and enthusiasm than I have in years.

My days are no longer filled with doubt and self loathing, but are filled with adventure and discovery.

I find no time to worry about my heart and when it acts up I hardly notice.

It’s much more exciting too, I enjoy my 3 kids and wife, and my new found passions.

I work on our cars ( something I’ve self taught myself to do in this time). I read fascinating books and listen to lectures on mind body healing and positive psychology.

I meditate, I write in my journal, I cook, I listen to great music, I play basketball, I run.

I am an avid runner and was sure I would never run again while I was in the hospital.

This last Sunday I ran my first 5k with a pacemaker and won my age group.

In short I enjoy life, and your emails are like gold to me!

I just wanted you to know that you are appreciated!

Thanks Again,

Anthony T.”


For anyone tempted to give up or slack off on positive thinking and choosing to find the beauty in life each day…

…I hope this story reminds you how important your thoughts and beliefs are in shaping your life!

You can live in joy no matter what has happened in your life.

Make Today Amazing!



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