3 ways ‘chronic’ disease blessed my life

The sun is rising over the little valley in Coalville Utah where I’m staying with some family.

I was meditating this morning, and attempting to ‘gently let go’ of the thoughts seeking attention

I do that every morning.

But today the thought of gratitude for meditation would not be gently let go.


I tried.

Couldn’t get it to move on it’s merry way.


And the realization struck me that getting a disease last year gave me the gift of meditation!

I kind of always wanted to meditate before.

‘kind of’ being the two key words there.

I never did it much.

But since my doctor ‘prescribed’ it to me in January, I have done it nearly every single day without fail.


And I love it.

It’s hard to explain why even.

But it’s a wonderful, life enhancing practice.


It helped that scientific research proved the health benefits, that gave me a solid, tangible reason to stick with it (see the book ‘The relaxation response’)

But I don’t think I would have adopted the practice if I never got that disease.

And so I’m feeling super grateful for the gifts disease gave me.

Yes, meditation aided in my healing process physically

But more important than that is the peace it brings me daily.

And that thought spawned other grateful feeling thoughts.


So here are the 3 things:

  1. Meditation
  2. Food
  3. Perspective


I thought I ate healthy food before.

I have learned so much in the last year and the result is I feel perhaps healthier than I ever have in life.

And I have finally become successful at completely eliminating certain addictive but destructive foods from my life.


Which is incredibly empowering mentally and emotionally, but has also freed me to be such a better example to my children who are now constantly amazing me with their consciousness and wisdom regarding the food they decide to put in their bodies.

Because I got that disease it is clear to me that my children have the opportunity to be much more healthy than they possibly could have been otherwise.


And that makes me super happy.


And finally…perspective.

This is always changing through life…and here again, I thought I had a pretty happy life before, and a good perspective.

But going through something so painful and intense, and getting so close to death, has definitely amped up my appreciation for life even more.

Seriously, I LOVED life before.


It’s hard to describe how I feel about it now.

Love all CAPS just doesn’t quite cut it.


I am so incredibly grateful to be alive.

I cried a lot of tears of joy before, now I cry many more.

Life is a beautiful, beautiful thing to me…more amazing to me now than ever before.


So I am deeply grateful for the disease I had the privilege to experience.

But also very content that it has moved on 😉


As I lay on my back in pain for months, the truly amazing life poster constantly glared down at me, almost mocking me I felt sometimes.

But it was a major key in keeping me positive and looking for the good in my situation.

I needed that reminder to look for the good even in the midst of the trial.

Get the poster here.



Let it help you in those moments when you need reminders.



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