3 steps to releasing the power of negative habits

This email the other day reminded me of an empowering process I stumbled upon in my journaling:


Thanks for the daily inspiration. I look forward to reading what you have to say each morning. I also read the book you recommended “Eat To Live”.

I started a healthier eating plan yesterday. I plan to use the daily affirmations when I become tempted to eat something that is not healthy.

Eating incorrectly has become a bad habit that I need to change, and with your help, I know I will succeed.

Thanks again,


Charlie’s self-belief there in “I know I will succeed” is the #1 priority. So critical to success in any goal.

In addition to just positive affirmations, here’s the process I have done that has helped immensely when I struggle to stick with my dietary changes.

(And this process is valuable for any negative habit we’re struggling with by the way.)

1 – Write down exactly WHY you DO want to eat healthy. As many reasons why as you can think of.

Example: Because I feel good physically, mentally, and spiritually when I eat my healthy diet. Because I love myself.

2 – Then write all the reasons you can think of WHY you DON’T want to eat healthy.

Examples: Because I love the taste of ice cream, caramel, bread, fruit shakes, and spicy foods! Because it can be a real hassle to eat so differently from everyone around me.

3 – Then write what you resolve to do about it, and WHY.

Examples: Even though I love eating those delicious foods, and it can feel like a hassle sometimes to eat as healthy as I do, I choose to do it because the benefits FAR outweigh the taste satisfaction and ease of not doing it.

You’ll notice the word WHY in each of those steps…*that’s the critical factor. *

I go on and write many answers to the ‘because…’ statement. The more the better for each one.


It’s just a matter of getting real with yourself and getting out of your head.

For me, even though sometimes I really want to eat certain foods, I am clear in writing about those desires, and how frustrating, trapped, and restricted I can feel sometimes.

It’s easy to get caught up in one side (the negative, hard, struggle side) and start feeling like a victim.

But clearly writing out both sides of how you feel releases you, provides resolve and motivation, and makes everything a lot easier.

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