1 step to getting out of “grind mode’ and into celebration.

Sometimes life can feel like a grind.  Not a celebration.

A burden to be endured.

“Once I get through this challenge, I’m going to celebrate baby!”

How common is that?

“Let’s work our butts off!   Let’s grind this thing out.  When we hit  XXXX milestone, then we’ll party hearty!’

That’s not inherently bad.  It’s great to celebrate milestones!  We absolutely should celebrate life!

But why wait??

Why not celebrate today?

And every day?  Why not turn your whole life into celebation?

You can celebrate life right now!  You don’t have to “Grind it out”.

No matter what’s going on.

Just think of one way to bring someone joy.

And do it.

No matter how small.

That act will turn whatever you’re doing into a celebration.  Whether it’s doing the dishes, changing a diaper, or busting out some massive business project with colleagues.

The way you do whatever you do…the intention you do it with, changes everything.


We can celebrate the dishes?

I dunno…smile!  Sing a tune.  Show people (or yourself) that life is beautiful.

Think loving thoughts toward people while doing them.

It doesn’t really matter what the task is…you can always choose to be in celebration mode instead of grind mode.

The choice is always yours.

Other examples?

I celebrate by smiling at someone.

ANYONE.  (everyone)

The checker at the grocery store and I celebrate together, because it’s AMAZING to be alive today!

Post office clerk?  Absolutely!

We have a party every time!

And what about your “significant other”? (where did that weird term come from anyway?)?

Ohhh…that cursed rut of routine.

So easy to fall into.

But isn’t that the relationship to celebrate most of all?!

Of course!

But it’s easy to get complacent because we are always together.

Here’s my reminder to self for today…I’m guessing you can use it to 😉

Make her smile.

Ask for forgiveness.

Be real.

Look in her eyes.

Hug her.

Celebrate every aspect of our life together today!  Don’t wait.

(Oh boy…now I’m really going to have to perform since Nan is surely reading this)

Yeah…we all have a long list of “things to do” that we’re passionate (or anxious) to be doing.

But don’t let the doing get in the way of celebrating.

We can celebrate in all the doing…starting with smiling 🙂


Make today truly amazing!

I’m serious!  Why settle for anything less than that today?

Get the TAL poster on your wall to remind you to celebrate all the time and not settle:


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