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  • It’s never too late to Make Today Amazing.

    I want to invite you to stop putting so much stock in ‘the sun will come out tomorrow’ and engage fully with your life today. Sure, I like that song as much as the next guy. It’s hopeful. And yes, …Read More »
  • Is a Truly Amazing Life your destination?

    If so, I’m going to invite you to re-examine where you are right now. Hi! Hope you’re making today amazing already. Here’s a short part of a heartfelt email I got yesterday from a new TAL Family member Jen – …Read More »
  • How will you ever get caught up?

    It’s so common to get behind, have too many commitments and not keep them all… We all want to improve! So we make commitments! Which is good… But then what happens when we miss a day?? “No biggie…I’ll just double …Read More »
  • Why you need to speak to ALL 3 of your brains

    Light bulb!! It just became extremely clear to me why I’ve been procrastinating lately… I’ve been avoiding speaking to one of my brains! Doh! What?! Three brains? Yes, well, three parts of your one big brain may be more accurate. …Read More »
  • What has to happen in order for you to feel successful?

    That is such an important question to become conscious of. I have to express huge gratitude for Tony Robbins today for asking me that in his free ebook “Re-awaken The Giant Within”. He said many things in addition that stopped …Read More »

Aaron – this past week has been great – you have helped me formulate a plan – my mind is being transfixed from negative to positive. I now am starting to believe the best is ahead of me. I am a warrior and finisher!


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