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  • TAL 41: Living in a state of flow with Brandon Epstein

    TAL 41: Living in a state of flow with Brandon Epstein

    This episode is a discussion with Brandon Epstein from on his view of what it means to live a truly amazing life. We get into Flow, Growth, Comfort Zones, and Contribution. He’s a fitness and health expert, but that’s just the foundation for living a truly amazing life according to Brandon. Listen in now Read More…Read More »
  • TAL 40: Take Control Of Your Energy with Yuri Elkaim

    TAL 40: Take Control Of Your Energy with Yuri Elkaim

    You are in for a treat today! My good friend Yuri has knocked it out of the park with his new book that is just released officialy TODAY (the day of this posting)… Yuri is a man on a mission to help millions of people live healthier, more energized lives…and he is doing an amazing Read More…Read More »

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  • The New Poster with all 12 habits of a TAL

    “My grip on life is coming unraveled, again.” “When will I get it together!” Can you relate to any of that? I certainly can. I got this heartfelt thought from 5MMM member Kathy this week after a message about the …Read More »
  • You are better than you know

    I realized after I sent this email about ‘the forces at work‘ last week that I overcomplicate my life too much…it’s easier to serve and bless lives than I build it up in my mind sometimes. It’s hard to be …Read More »
  • There are forces at work

    There are definitely two very powerful forces pulling my heart strings this way and that. Sometimes pulled by compassion – in enthusiasm I thrive. Flying high – I’m happy – alive! Other times pulled by self-loathing – I dive. Down …Read More »
  • Ever get frustrated getting sucked back into bad habits? Try this.

    I just got this feedback TAL Mastermind club member Kathy as we wrapped up a super impactful month of focus on the pillar of THINK and the meditation habit…it brings up a great point: === “You inspired me to go …Read More »
  • Don’t expect overnight transformation…but be open to it.

    I loved the heart and intent behind this message from new TAL Family member Carina from Denmark yesterday: === Hi Aaron, I have just read your book in one stretch… Just could not stop. For a long period of time, …Read More »

Aaron – this past week has been great – you have helped me formulate a plan – my mind is being transfixed from negative to positive. I now am starting to believe the best is ahead of me. I am a warrior and finisher!


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