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  • TAL 48: Complete Overview of the Truly Amazing Life Habits

    TAL 48: Complete Overview of the Truly Amazing Life Habits

    In this podcast episode I share, for the first time ever, the entire overview of my daily habit system – The Truly Amazing Life Habits™. I’ve taught many of the principles and habits in depth, but never have I taught the entire system in one sitting. As a heads up, this is longer than my Read More…Read More »
  • Live broadcast tomorrow from TAL Headquarters

    Live broadcast tomorrow from TAL Headquarters

    Tomorrow, for the first time ever, I will be teaching the entire Truly Amazing Life Habits™ System in its entirety at one time. I will be re-launching the Truly Amazing Life Podcast with a live video and audio broadcast, and I’ll be teaching and explaining in detail how to use the Truly Amazing Life Habits Read More…Read More »

Latest Posts

  • I broke down when I read this Facebook post the other day…

    He was my college roommate. I haven’t seen him in about 15 years. He was an amazing musician. He created gorgeous melodies and moving lyrics on the guitar and the piano. And his voice was amazing. I still have his …Read More »
  • Do hard things on purpose

    Too many people make the mistake of trying to make life as easy and comfortable as possible. This is pervasive in our day and age. Everything has become so easy and automated. But seeking out ease and comfort at the …Read More »
  • The actual truth about your situation

    Are we truly free to direct our own thoughts? And how does our thinking affect our situation?   I battled with these questions a LOT in 2012 when my body was fighting an intense battle with intestinal disease. I had …Read More »
  • The tragedy of good enough

    6 years ago today I was curled up in the fetal position in my bed in physical agony, enduring the early stages of the systematic destruction of my large intestine by my own immune system There was nothing pleasant about …Read More »
  • How to experience joy in adversity

    I just wrote this to a woman I’m coaching and thought you might benefit from hearing it too. She’s been dealing with severe chronic pain for over 10 years and all indications are that she’ll deal with it the rest …Read More »

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I LOOK FORWARD TO 5MMM every day I feel calmer and more relaxed.Most times I am excited for the day. You start my day in a positive way. Writing the affirmations has been a great idea looking forward to Today!

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